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We help clients navigate legal challenges

We give direct, practical advice

We are problem solvers

We understand the unique challenges businesses face in today's dynamic landscape. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys offers personalized, strategic legal solutions to help your enterprise grow, mitigate risks, and navigate complex legal matters with confidence and ease.

General Corporate

We're like the go-to legal buddies for our clients' businesses, helping out both the smaller companies that are growing fast and the big players. We help set up the rules they need to run smoothly, like operating and shareholder agreement. We assist clients with corporate structuring, entity formation, and corporate governance, as well as executive compensation packages.

  • Corporation, LLC, Partnership Formatio

  • Doing Business as 

  • Operating and Shareholder Agreements

  • Article of Incorporations

  • Shareholder and Board Resolutions

  • Restricted Stock Units Agreements

  • Indemnity Agreements


We help clients with all sort of deals, like merger and acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships.  Our clients rely on us for more than just working out the details of a deal and writing it down. We are also their business advisor, really getting how each decision affects the people who started the company, the folks running it, and the business itself. We're there to make sure that every deal we put together is good not just on paper, but also for the real-world running and growing of their business.​​ Areas we frequently support include:

  • Marketing Agreements 

  • Joint Marketing Agreements

  • Sponsorship Agreements

  • Master Service Agreements 

  • Share Purchase Agreements 

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Tech Transactions 

  • Sweepstakes and Contest Terms and Rules 

  • Influencers Agreements 

  • Production Agreements (e.g., commercial, film, and mobisode) 

  • Content Service Agreements

  • Commercial Lease Agreements 

  • Distributor and Reseller Agreements

  • SaaS Agreements

  • IP Licenses

  • End User License Agreements (EULAs), Terms of Service (TOS) and Terms of Use (TOU)

  • Terms of Sale and other e-commerce terms

Employment & Labor

Employees and workers are some of the most important assets for companies. The way you build your workplace environment plays a critical role in your company's success. People-related issues often give employers headaches, but we are here to guide you through them. We partner with employers and their Human Resources Departments to advise on day-to-day issues, including those related to hiring, recruiting, sick leave, harassment, discrimination, wage issues, layoffs, and terminations. Areas we frequently support include:

  • General counsel on day-to-day employment & labor issues

  • Employment handbooks and policies (e.g., travel, sick leave, PTO, reimbursement, romance, immigration, and background check)

  • Employee personnel records requests 

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Offer Letter and Employment Agreements

  • Severance Agreements 

  • Employee Confidentiality and IP Assignment Agreements

  • Defend employers in state and federal labor department's proceedings and investigations 

Products Counseling

We understand that companies and entrepreneurs are creative powerhouses brimming with business ideas. Many of the most successful businesses in today's fast-paced world are highly adaptive, meeting current needs, and sometimes even outpacing their own visions. Our role is to help clients bring these innovative ideas to life, navigating through the legal complexities of the modern landscape. We review our clients' products and services, offering practical solutions and advice to help them make informed decisions. We raise issues, but we offer solutions and ideas. We often advice clients in these areas: 

  • Mobile application (i.e., iOS and Android) and website development 

  • Apple and Google developer terms and guidelines

  • Online trust & safety

  • Retail products 

  • Marketing and advertising 

  • Copyrights

  • Trademarks 

Why Us

Because Legal Services Should be Efficient And Personalized

Experienced Business Attorney

Responsive and Efficient

Multilingual Functionality

Flexible Fee Arrangement


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